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Dan Perjovschi at the Off-Biennale Budapest

The first event of the Off-Biennale Budapest was a presentation by Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi, whose ‘intelligent graffiti’ with its democratic message and visual incitements to activate in the face of injustice and ecological danger provided an apropos start to Budapest’s horizontally-organised

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Liberate Ludwig

Fed up with the institutional creep of growing political control of the Hungarian art world, with museums merged, directors chopped and changed, beloved art spaces threatened, and the stranglehold of an ultra-conservative clique in a constitutionally-embedded – Soviet-style – Academy

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Unite for Contemporary Art

PRESS RELEASE 9th May 2013 Unite for Contemporary Art                                            We demand complete transparency in the running and adjudication of professional competitions in the art world! The lack of transparency and culture of secrecy surrounding the current competition for the post

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Autonomy for Art in Hungary

The campaign to defend the independence of Hungarian art in the face of a hostile takeover bid by ultra conservative forces is gaining momentum. There have been calls from opposition MPs in Parliament for the President of the all-powerful Hungarian

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The Battle of Orgreave comes to Budapest

Opening speech given at the opening of the screening of Jeremy Deller’s Battle of Orgreave at the Kassak Museum in Budapest on 23 November 2012. “The miners, united, will never be defeated!” There are three moments to be born in

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The lunatics have taken over the asylum*

Hard to believe at first, but it seems to be true that Hungary’s second most important art space, the Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, will find itself from 1st January 2013 under the ownership and control of an ultra conservative arts organisation, the Hungarian

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Otwock: Lieu de Mémoire

A visit to the former Jewish spa town of Otwock was a highlight of the programme of events for the 2012 Igor Zabel Prize in Warsaw last weekend and was led by celebrated Polish sculptor Miroslaw Balka and Kasia Redzisz, curator

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Oskár Čepan Award

The winner of this year’s Oskár Čepan Award, the Slovak prize for young contemporary artists, will be announced on Thursday 20 September 2012, to coincide with the exhibition of the four finalists Tomáš Džadoň, Mira Gáberová, Oto Hudec and Matej Vakula. The

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Berlin Peace Wall to be Demolished

Artist Nada Prlja’s reflections on the disputes that arose surrounding her Peace Wall project for the Berlin Biennial, which is due to be removed two weeks ahead of time on 15 June 2012: ‘What caused argument and violence at the

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Time Out Budapest art news and reviews June 2012

PDF version The Past Reloaded ‘Today the debate around the fate of surviving left-leaning monuments to cultural and historical figures originally favoured by the communist regime has been dramatically reopened, while apologists for Admiral Horthy have begun to clamour for

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