Autonomy for Art in Hungary

The campaign to defend the independence of Hungarian art in the face of a hostile takeover bid by ultra conservative forces is gaining momentum.

There have been calls from opposition MPs in Parliament for the President of the all-powerful Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) to resign, due to controversial comments demanding ‘clear national commitment’ from potential members of the new all-powerful academy and a veiled anti-Semitic jibe against famous Hungarian writer Gyorgy Konrad, the emergence of opposition from within the MMA to the rule of Fekete – an interior designer who won numerous prizes and commissions under communism with a distinctive retro hair style to match his neo-medieval outlook, along with spirited protest actions from the art world, including a memorial ceremony in front of the Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle on 6 December, which the MMA is due to swallow up on 1 January 2013, and at 10am on 10 December a planned Gangnam-style protest demonstration on the front steps of the building.

Last but not least, the campaign Autonomy for Art of Hungary (NEMMA) has a new website with English language content including contact information for protest actions, as well as a statement detailing the key events in the government takeover/makeover of Hungarian contemporary art.

Recent legislative steps in Hungary point towards the authoritarian transformation of the institutional structures and funding system of cultural life, by giving an ultra conservative artist group close to the rightwing government, the Hungarian Academy of Arts, an unassailable position of power. As a result of these decisions, the government has endangered the long term autonomy, professionalism and democratic procedures of Hungarian contemporary art…(more)

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